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Kinect Travelling


Kinect Travelling is a system that will allow an eTraveller to have an immersive experience in a touristic destination of his choice without leaving
his current location. The virtual trip will be achieved by a cutting edge technology which allows visitors to interact with a realistic 3DModel of
the touristic destination in front of a TV set. No Controls, no mouse no need to know the system, the virtual tourist will use his body to travel around
his place of choice within a unique experience, and with a minimal learning curve.
The trip is going to be a virtual walk through just as the real one would be, emulating the possibilities of interaction with the environment. The visitor,
alongside walking the streets and visiting monuments and museums, will be able to take pictures, walk in stores, view products, grab them and even
buy some of the items that the real store sells.


Kinect Travelling system has the following objective:
  • Allow a potential tourist or someone that can’t physically access the place virtually travelling to a touristic destination.
  • Providing a unique immersive experience that will allow the user to move around the destination just as if he was there.
  • Adding a high degree of interactivity with the environment in aspects such as:
    • Mobility: users choose the path to follow within the environment.
    • Virtual visits: giving the opportunity to entre museums, visit monuments, etcetera.
    • Shopping on-line: user will be able grab, compare and purchase objects.

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